Alison Neumann Inc. - Graduate Gemologist

Preliminary Appraisal Preparation

  • Talk with your insurance representative about policy limits to learn what items to include in your appraisal.

  • Search your files to gather information you received when you purchased each piece, and those documents accumulated during ownership.

  • Make an appointment.

Equipment Used for Appraisal

  • Refractometer

  • Polariscope

  • Dichroscope

  • Leverage and Table Gauges

  • Diamond tester

  • Diamond light for color grading

  • Gem dialogue color charts

  • Spectroscope

  • Microscope Leicastereozoom 56E, 60X

What Client Needs to Bring

  • The item(s) to be appraised.

  • Receipt (if possible).

  • A copy of all previous appraisals for the item.

  • The items provenance (history).

  • Name, address, and phone number of the person to be listed on the appraisal.

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National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
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